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TT&E Iron & Metal offers higher prices for larger quantities of scrap.
If you would like a personal quote, give us a call at (919) 797-9190.


Accepted Scrap Metal Items

Electronics E-Waste

• Cameras and Camcorders
• Cell Phones
• Computer Towers
• Copiers and Printers
• Fax Machines and Scanners
• Floppy Drives
• Hard Drives
• Laptops
• Motherboards
• Mouse and Keyboards
• Phone Equipment
• Server
• Speakers
• Stereo Equipment
• Household Batteries
• Rechargeable Batteries
• UPS and Battery Backups
• Video Game System and Video Games
• VHS's and DVD Players

Household Appliances

• A/C Condenser Cores
• Air Conditioners
• Blenders
• Dehumidifiers
• Dishwashers
• Dryers
• Freezers
• Furnaces
• Grills
• Hot Water Heaters
• Light Fixtures (With and Without Ballasts / Transformers)
• Microwaves Ovens
• Refrigerators
• Sinks (Stainless, Cast Iron, and Metal)
• Space Heaters
• Stoves (Electric, Gas, and Wood)
• Wall Ovens (All Types)
• Washing Machines
• Water Heaters

Home Goods
Home Goods

• Aerosol Cans (With Holes)
• Audio / Video Equipment (Stereos, VCR's, DVD and CD Players, Etc.)
• Ballasts (No PCBs)
• Barrels (Aluminum and Steel)
• Batteries
(Lead Acid, UPS, Lithium, NI-MH, NI Cad)
• Bed Frames
• BBQ Grills
• Blenders
• Cans (Aluminum and Steel)
• Cast Iron (Sinks, Bathtubs, Pans, etc.)
• Christmas Lights
• Coat Hangers (Steel)
• Exercise Equipment (Most)
• Extension Cords
• Fans
• Fire Extinguishers (With Holes or Cut)
• Fireplace Grates, Doors (NO Glass)
• Generators (Home, Car, Large)
• Ladders (Aluminum and Steel)
• Lamps
• Lead (Weights, Wheel Weights, Shields, Etc.)
• Microwaves
• Mixers
• PC Towers
• Pots and Pans
• Power Strips / Surge Protectors
• Printers (Desktop, Ink-Jet, Office)
• Signs (Aluminum and Steel)
• Stainless Steel
• Steel (All, Cabinets, Cans, Hangers, Beams, Etc.)
• Tanks (Aluminum, Stainless, and Steel – Cut In Half or Have Large Holes)
• Telephones
• Tin Foil (Clean Only)
• Vacuum Cleaners

Yard / Lawn Tools & Furnishings

• Blowers
• Chain Saws
• Fences
• Gas Tanks
• Grills
• Lawn Mower Motors
• Metal Sheds
• Outdoor Furniture
• Pool Frame
• Swing Sets
• Weed Wackers

Exercise & Recreational Equipment

• Basketball Goal Post
• Baseball Bats
• Bicycles
• Boats (Metal and Aluminum)
• Canoes (Metal and Aluminum)
• Elliptical
• Golf Clubs
• Pool Frame
• Skateboard Trucks
• Swing Sets
• Trampoline Frame and Springs
• Rower
• Treadmill
• Weights
• Weight Bench

Junk Cars, Trucks, & Other Vehicles

• Cars / Trucks / SUVs / Vans • A/C Condenser Cores
• Car Motors / Engines, Batteries, Rims, Radiators
• Catalytic Converters
• Engines (Drained)
• Forklifts (Trucks, etc.)
• Generators (Home, Car, Large)
• Heater Coils (Brass, Copper and Solder - NO Plastic or Steel)
• Motors and Blocks (Electric and Gas – Drained of Gas and Oil)
• Radiators (Auto and House)
• Railroad Rails, Plates, and Nails
• Starters / Alternators
• Tractors (Farm, Lawn, and Other)
• Transmissions (Drained)
• Wheel Rims (Steel and Aluminum)
• Wheel Weights (Lead and Steel)
• Wire Stripped or Insulated Wire (Aluminum, Copper, Steel, and Triplex)
• Wiring Harness (Car, Truck, and Other)

Agricultural Scrap Metal

Whether it's agricultural machinery, or a structure on your holding, we provide agricultural scrap services for farmers through out Wake County and Johnston County. With metal prices rising all the time, you could be sitting on a gold mine of scrap - and we can help you turn that into a nice sum.

Old equipment sitting out in your field, cattle can get caught in it, snakes will make it their home, and the weeds will just grow up around them. Don't lose acreage of ground from a piece of machinery sitting around.

• Farm Machinery
• Tractors
• Old / Antique Equipment
• Metal Siding
• Metal Roofing

Construction Scrap Metal

Recoverable materials separated during remodeling jobs, and home improvement projects can help pay for the cost of that project. Or stash it away for a relaxing vacation once the project is done!

• Aluminum Siding
• Appliances
• Awnings
• Cast Iron (Bathtubs, etc.)
• Circuit Breakers
• Construction Steel
• Construction Wire
• Copper Plumbing
• Gutters
• Light Fixtures (w/ and w/o Ballasts / Transformers)
• Metal Window Frames
• Roof Vents and Metal
• Screen Doors and Windows
• Siding (Aluminum)
• Sinks (Stainless, Cast Iron, and Metal)
• Storm Doors

Structural Steel

TT&E recycles thousands of tons of steel every year from demolition sites and caters to demolition companies that need multiple pick-ups daily. With a huge variety of containers and trailers we are able to meet the needs of any size job. We offer competitive prices for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, with fast, friendly, efficient, service, that saves our customers time and money.

TT&E Iron and Metal, Inc. is a preferred demolition and construction scrap materials recycler for construction contractors, independent tradesmen, and demolition firms operating in NC, SC, VA, and surrounding areas. Our contractor customers appreciate the trustworthy relationships, expertise, service alternatives, and fair dealing reputation we have established throughout the Carolina's and East Coast. They value the timesaving efficiencies provided by our scrap materials collection, metal unloading, certified grading, lucrative quick-payment systems, and know that they can always count on TT&E.

We DO NOT Accept:
  • Kegs
  • Televisions or Computer Monitors
  • Sealed Containers, Cans and Tanks (must be cut in half)
  • Hazardous Waste and Material Containing PCBs
  • Appliances containing CFCs, Capacitors, Mercury Switches



Acceptable Metals & Recycling Guidelines


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