Scrap Metal Recycling Facility

Raleigh's Fully Paved Parking Drop-Off Areas
TT&E Recycling Center in Raleigh
  • Adequate driveway space
  • All scrap metal is processed on-site.
  • We sort and ship out to recyclers by truck or rail in Raleigh
  • We ship out 25 to 30 truckloads of recyclable metal each day
  • Each Truckload Weighs about 40,000 pounds

NC's Largest Scale System

Truck & Vehicle Weigh Stations
TT&E Scrap Metal Recycling in Raleigh
  • 4 Truck Scales 70ft long
  • Shipping/Receiving Scales 14 ft wide
  • Line up 3 Cars At a Time to Check in 
  • Separate Big Rig Scale off the parking lot

Eco-Friendly Metal Recycling

Electric & Water-Cooled Metso Texas Hybrid Shredder
TT&E Metal Shredder
  • No negative effect on the environment
  • The motors, electronics and hydraulics reside in a 4-story building
  • The machine and its components cover 4 acres
  • Can shred an entire car in a few seconds
  • Can shred up to 200 tons of scrap metal per hour
Rooftop Solar Panels

TT&E Rooftop Solar Panels


We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

TT&E operates rooftop solar panels as a part of Advanced Green Technology‘s program. Rooftop solar is one of the most popular and affordable solutions on the market. It has many advantages: Lower Electricity Bills, Increase Property Value, Create Revenue from Unused Roof Space, Extend Roof Warranty, Reduce Carbon Footprint, Rebates and Tax Incentives.

Our 24-hour online real-time solar monitoring system provides the AC kW Output for the day, week, month and lifetime of the system. You can visit our page anytime at Also, since the solar panels were installed 8 years ago, we’ve planted 8,340 trees to further offset our carbon footprint!

Our Location:

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Doing Our Part
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