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Community Services

Recycling for a Better Community

TT&E Community Aluminum Can Recycling Bins Raleigh NC


The Thompsons view their business as a service to the community.

Anyone who has tried to get rid of a scrap junk car or an old appliance can appreciate that. North Carolina law no longer allows white goods in landfills, and they won't accept old cars. Most landfills charge fees for those things. Instead, bring it to us, where it can be recycled. We buy your scrap metal and you get paid!

TT&E Iron & Metal, Inc. strives to keep our environment clean and encourage recycling as a way to preserve our precious natural resources.

We provide the following community services:

  • Financial Commitment for Community Projects
    Playgrounds and Parks (HOPE Playground, Garner, NC)

  • The Use of the Facilities for Training
    Rescue Personnel
    Local Fire Departments


Rooftop Solar Panels

TT&E Rooftop Solar Panels


We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

TT&E operates rooftop solar panels as a part of Advanced Green Technology‘s program. Rooftop solar is one of the most popular and affordable solutions on the market. It has many advantages: Lower Electricity Bills, Increase Property Value, Create Revenue from Unused Roof Space, Extend Roof Warranty, Reduce Carbon Footprint, Rebates and Tax Incentives.

Our 24-hour online real-time solar monitoring system provides the AC kW Output for the day, week, month and lifetime of the system. You can visit our page anytime at Also, since the solar panels were installed 8 years ago, we’ve planted 8,340 trees to further offset our carbon footprint!

Just for kids

Did You Know?
  • A used aluminum can is recycled and back on the shelf at the grocery store in 60 days.

  • Metal can be recycled an unlimited amount of times

Coloring Pages

TT & E's Recycling Buddies Timmy and Tin-Tin have put together a couple of coloring pages just for you! Download to print them out and color your masterpiece.

TT&E Coloring Pages

Doing Our Part
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