While on our facility, for your safety and ours, please follow all directions given to you by TT&E Iron & Metal, Inc. employees and yield to all TT&E Iron & Metal, Inc. equipment.
  • Walk-ins are always welcome!
  • For customers driving through the scales, safety requires that all customers and passengers must stay in their cars, no exceptions.
  • When at rear weighing doors, stay in your car until your turn, and then get out to watch your materials being weighed.
State law requires that a valid ID must be presented to sell metals to us. We accept the following:
  • A valid North Carolina Driver's license or North Carolina Identification Card
  • A valid Driver's license or State Identification from other US states
  • Foreign driver's license or ID (including passports) are not accepted
There are several state and federal regulations that deal with prevention and reduction of pollution in our environment. These regulations cover metal recycling facilities like TT&E Iron & Metal, Inc. In order to comply with these regulations the following items must be removed from all scrap before it is brought to our facility.

  • Closed containers, paint buckets, food containers must be cleaned and rinsed out and left opened
  • Garbage, rags, paper, glass, wood, dirt, concrete and other debris
  • Wet transformers
  • Light ballasts, no PCBs, no capacitors or fluorescent tubes
  • Freon: All applicances and vehicles must have freon and CFC’s properly removed before recycling
  • Smoke detectors
  • No radioactive/toxic materials

We at TT&E Iron & Metal, Inc. are proud of our commitment to protecting the environment and strive to be in full compliance with all regulations. We regret any inconvenience these restrictions may cause you, but we will continue to take the actions necessary to be in compliance with environmental laws and will be happy to discuss this policy with you at any time.


Doing Our Part
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